It was in 2008 that KC Wallberg* took charge of the venerable Restauration Gubbhyllan. The establishment is a part of Skansen, the world’s first open-air museum, tasked with presenting the whole of Sweden in a single place. Gubbhyllan echoes that mission, aspiring to present all Sweden’s food. We are devotees of the traditional Swedish cuisine, with all its pickling and preserving methods. We gladly serve game dishes, commonly found in the north, but, turning to the “deep south”, not a year goes by without our observing the Scanian (Skåne) feast of “St Martin’s Goose” (mårtensgås).

Our raw materials vary, depending on the season of the year, and come from all the geographic regions of Sweden – the sea, the coast, the plainlands, the forests, the lakes and the mountains. Everything we prepare conforms to exacting demands of nutritional balance, taste, economy and health.

At Gubbhyllan we often highlight raw materials which, despite longstanding use in Sweden, tend to be overlooked. Many a guest has been astonished by the sheer delight of ramsons, pickled Chioggia beet, pumpkin preserve or pickled carrots. Transforming despised raw materials into rare delicacies has been a point of honour with us. The secret lies in using them in the right connection and preparing them with all the care and respect they deserve.

The name Gubbhyllan (literally, “Old Men’s Shelf”) alludes to the guests who would sit on the terrace over the veranda, relishing their punch and cigars. The history of the place goes right back to 1810, when what is now the core building of the present establishment was first erected on Djurgården. The building was moved to its present Skansen location in 1964, while also becoming the home of the Tobacco Museum. Gubbhyllan re-opened in 2008 after a thoroughgoing restoration. The old-world ambience welcoming visitors now masks a state-of-the-art kitchen with all the necessary equipment for preparing food of superb quality, even for big parties.

Gubbhyllan has the same opening hours as the rest of Skansen, to wit: every day of the year. So if you’re passing this way, rest assured of a warm welcome!


* KC Wallberg is a star chef with an outstanding track record and a well-known ambassador of Swedish food worldwide. He has been running the venerable Gubb­hyllan establishment at Skansen since 2008 and has a long list of credits which includes several awards, international assignments and a succession of cookbooks (the most recent one is called Mitt matrike. It is also avalible in english under the title My Culinary Kingdom). Reed more about KC Wallberg on www.kcwallberg.com.